Store Your Warranty Hardcopy Digitally Using The OpenRoost App

Whenever we talk to homeowners about all the reasons they need to hire a contractor, the one thing they always mention is how expensive it is to get even the simplest things fixed.  $150 to fix the pump on your washing machine.  $400 to fix or replace a window. The list goes on and on.

In fact, there is a 68% chance that one or more of your home appliances will break this year. Here's the thing.  There is a really good chance that when you had that expensive new washing machine installed when you moved into your house 4 years ago, there was also a nice warranty attached.  That $400 fix on the washing machine might have been covered, but who knows where you put that warranty from 4 years ago?!   

OpenRoost can fix that. 

Before anything else breaks, (which, sadly it will) take out that old binder filled with receipts and old warranties and input them (including pictures!) into the warranty section of OpenRoost. That way, the next time detergent starts flying out of your washing machine you can pop open your OpenRoost application, and with one click have all the warranty information you need to get the job done free of charge.

To learn more about OpenRoost's warranty capabilities, check out our video:

Every homeowner has that drawer where receipts and warranties get stuffed and lost forever. OpenRoost wants to solve that problem by providing the ability to digitally store all of your home appliance warranties.