Store Your Warranty Hardcopy Digitally Using The OpenRoost App

Store Your Warranty Hardcopy Digitally Using The OpenRoost App

There is a 68% chance that one or more of your home appliances will break this year. Here's the thing.  There is a really good chance that when you had that expensive new washing machine installed when you moved into your house 4 years ago, there was also a nice warranty attached.  That $400 fix on the washing machine might have been covered, but who knows where you put that warranty from 4 years ago?!

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After endless months of blood, sweat, red bull, Dominos Pizza and ping pong we are almost ready to unveil OpenRoost to the world.  Before we do that though, we need your help!  Are you a homeowner, contractor or just really good person who wants to be one of the first people to play with something cool?  In the next few weeks we will be  releasing a iOS only beta of our app and we want you to tell us what we did right and what we did wrong.  We can only pay with thank you notes, twitter follows and up-votes, but we think that means more to you than money.  If you are ready to take control of your business or your home, click on the link below and fill out your info and once its fully baked we will send you a secure download link. 

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One solution to rule them all.

A majority of contractors are running their companies like a mom and pop thrift shop from the fifties.They keep customer info stored away in filing cabinets, along with copies of invoices from past jobs.These businesses are responsible for making sure your home works and looks good but if they don’t have an effective way to manage their businesses, how can they be expected to effectively handle your home?

There are 80 million homeowners in the United States alone, and they have no way to see records of what’s been done to their home.No way to get updates on renovation projects.No way to keep track of invoices.With OpenRoost, they will now have a centralized place to easily do all that.Contractors will follow them, and that strained, broken relationship will be fixed forever.